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Our Mission Statement

We embody and instill goodness, work-ethic, and responsibility, by pursuing excellence in service and customer care. We are ColdSolutions, our mission is to provide our clients with first tier service and solutions that include but are not limited to Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration needs at their beck and call.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial HVAC

Repairs / Maintenance / Installations / Become a ColdSolutions Member

Commercial HVAC
Residential AC Services

Residential Air Conditioning

Repairs / Maintenance / Installations / Become a ColdSolutions Member

Residential AC

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AC Service from ColdSolutions is a call away!

Got ColdSolutions Install?
10 Year Warranty On Parts and Labor

Our Installation Warranty Includes

  • 10 Year Parts & 10 Year LABOR Warranty on all our Residential Installations for all our Members.
    • 2 Years of Maintenance Included
  • 5 Year Parts & 5 Year LABOR Warranty on all our Commercial Installations for all our Members.
    • 1 Year of Maintenance Included
  • We take the time to talk to you about your system and your comfort

We’re also the Home of the Lifetime Unlimited Warranty on all repairs. Our warranty is available for all ColdSolutions members and guarantees our proper workmanship warranty. What does this mean? If we replace a part during repair and this part fails, this same repair is under warranty*. You will not pay for the replacement and you will not pay for our labor—we come back at no additional cost to you.

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*If replacement part is not maintained or fails due to user/customer negligence, then our warranty is voided.

**1-Year Parts and 1-Year Labor Warranty for Non-Members

Save 15% on All Service Calls When You Become a ColdSolutions Member

When you become a ColdSolutions Member not only are you enjoying the benefits of top-tier, timely maintenance, but any service calls you make to us benefit from a 15% discount. So let us come back to work for you, whenever you need us, where you need us.

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Service from ColdSolutions is a call away!

We Have Payment Plans Available
for Commercial & Residential Services

ColdSolutions knows that new installations and replacements are a big investment - that's why we offer financing options and payment plans. Explore our offerings below or call us today!

We offer financing

Prefer to pay over time rather than all at once? Prequalify for financing today and contact us to learn more about our services. Wisetack Financing also helps with expensive repairs so you can perform a repair and pay it off in payments at 0% interest in 3 months!

FTL Financing

Make every project the best it can be with FTL Finance. Financing for home improvement projects.

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Commercial Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & More
Always Here for You

Compared to residential units, commercial air conditioning & refrigeration systems are more complex and have a heavier demand. ColdSolutions' professional technicians have the knowledge and expertise to work with your commercial system. We understand the need for limited business disruptions and do our best to get your system running again as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re your professionals for maintenance, repairs & installation.




Rooftop Units

Indoor Air

ColdSolutions is your Commercial HVAC expert

"With The Most Reputational Team, Within 10 Years We Became The Number One Choice For Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning, And Refrigeration Solutions Of Texas."

We're Your Local Experts

Our Core Values
Always Here for You

ColdSolutions serves the most air-conditioned and refrigerated area in the world, at your beck and call.

Our Core Values: Performance
  • Striving for continuous growth to gain a leadership position in our industry.
  • We plan to always increase the productivity of our assets and resources.
Our Core Values: Responsibility
  • Maintain high ethical standards.
  • We care for our employees’ health and safety.
  • We plan to actively give back to the communities in which we do business and support different organizations.
Our Core Values: Innovation
  • We are a company that likes to think outside the box. We are inspired to reach the next progressive, powerful, and marketable idea, and implement it in our business.
Our Core Values: Customer Care
Customer Care
  • Willingness to listen to our customers and respond to their needs and wants at their convenience.
  • Customer satisfaction is our commitment.
  • We make it simple and easy to do business with us.
Our Core Values: Employee Development
Employee Development
  • We value diversity and cultures.
  • We listen to employees and treat each other with respect.
  • We pursue employee and management development and growth.
Service from ColdSolutions is a call away!

Your Experts for 10+ Years

We established as ColdSolutions as of 2013. However, have been in the industry since Refrigeration was first commercialized.

In 1926 a man by the name of Jose Santiago De Santiago Olguin was born. And after getting married and running an ice cream shop with his wife and family of 12 children, he bought the small town's first refrigeration system for his ice-cream shop which would hand make ice cream using a churn. When the refrigeration system that kept his ice cream frozen would break, he would fix it himself. Later becoming the ice cream man who fixed refrigeration systems in town. His Son, Alfredo would come with on service calls at a very young age. He would later start his own refrigeration business in a bigger town in Zacatecas, Mexico. Now Alfredo has passed this outstanding work ethic and trade on to his Son, and together have built ColdSolutions. The Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration Company of Texas. (HVAC/R) Our goal is to create lasting, working relationships, so we can provide quality service at reasonable prices.

We're Here for Your Ductwork Your Duct Cleaning Experts

Duct cleaning services are just a call away from ColdSolutions! Improve your indoor air quality today with expert duct cleaning services. Give us a call or schedule by contacting us online. We are your Corpus Christi and Houston duct cleaning specialists.

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Service from ColdSolutions is a call away!

Proudly Serving the Corpus Christi & Houston Areas

Our family-run business has put a priority on outstanding customer service for generations. In fact, if you call before 5 p.m. and we can't make it out until later, we won't charge you time-and-a-half. We're happy to cater to the companies and homes we service. When you have an after-hours emergency, we'll make sure you're taken care of quickly.

Corpus Christi Services

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Residential Service When You Need Us
Heating, Air Conditioning & More

Texas summers are no joke. We know how uncomfortable it can be when your air conditioner isn't working. Whether you have an existing system or need an air conditioning installation for a new construction project, our professionally trained technicians will get the job done right. Our goal is to provide quality service at affordable prices. That's why ColdSolutions is ready to handle all your residential air conditioning needs.





Indoor Air


Our Rebates

We’re proud to offer rebates on select units & services so you can get a little extra for choosing the best equipment for your home or business.

Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Rebates

Rebate of up to $2,000 for new heat pump water heater installation.

Rebate of up to $2,000 for new air conditioner installation.

Grant of up to $5,000 for new furnace installation.

Our Specials and Promotions

Your comfort is our calling. Check in to see what specials we have on offer.

$20 OFF AC Repair

$20 OFF

AC Repair

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Not valid with other offers.

15% OFF AC Installation

$500 OFF

When You Purchase Your System Off Our Website

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Not valid with other offers.

10% OFF Refrigeration Repair

10% OFF

Refrigeration Repair

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Not valid with other offers.

Some of Our Trusted Brands

Iur Trusted Brands

Our Service Areas

Corpus Christi Service Area

Corpus Christi, TX 78416

(361) 490-2157
24/7 Emergency Services
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Houston Service Area

Houston, TX 77001

(832) 957-2107
24/7 Emergency Services
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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See Our Recent Work

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